In legal countries like America, Italy, Uruguay etc. Many use marijuana as a remedy for all kinds of diseases, such as asthma. Asthma is a disease that blocks the lung system or makes the lungs tight and cannot breathe. Asthma is a shortness of breath accompanied by sneezing and coughing caused by spasms in the bronchial tubes. For more information, you can visit licensed producers Canada.

Medical research shows that THC substances in cannabis plants can cleanse the lungs and THC substances act as bronchodilators. Every year asthma can kill 4000 Americans from year to year the number is increasing. The cause of asthma is fatigue, due to cigarette smoke, dust or dirt, but the most common is cigarette smoke.

In one study in the United States, marijuana caused a reversal triggered by hyperinflation exercises. A report in America said that many people around were affected by asthma and after trying this method with marijuana as a drug by inhaling the smoke and with low doses as a result complete recovery of asthma there is no shortness of breath or a cough due to blockages in the lungs.

The effect of marijuana on asthma

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety

THC substances found in marijuana are similar to salbutamol and asthma drugs in general, and even marijuana is better because it is organic/natural. See also Medical marijuana

  1. Bronchodilator

A 1976 study showed THC acts as an effective bronchodilator for people who have severe asthma, in America again making marijuana-based spray medicines which once spray can reduce tightness and improve lung performance.

  1. Anti-mucosa

Research in Brazil in 2015 found that CBD / Cannabinoids can reduce anti-mucosa in asthma.

  1. Anti Inflammation

CBD substances in marijuana have an anti-inflammatory effect that is very strong and influential in reducing inflammation in the lungs or what we know is called cytokines

In a study, marijuana can also be used as an asthma medication. Medical research shows that cannabis plants can cleanse the lungs. A report in the United States said that many people affected by asthma and after trying this method with marijuana as a drug by inhaling the smoke and with low doses, as a result, the people affected by asthma recovered totally no shortness of breath or a cough due to blockage in the lungs.

This was also confirmed by a study in 2014 that scientists showed that marijuana can reduce contractions in the lungs to be safe if used with the right dose and not excessive. Lung contraction is a symptom of seizures that can cause asthma and can act as a CB1 receptor and to reduce contractions in the lungs, reduction of contraction in the lungs due to THC is 39{1a35a25fe8823eb8c942209f390290944b358575c299fdfaef90a84a99391bcf}.